Steve Nayar, artist for wildlife conservation

I’m  known for my wildlife paintings and have been a seven-time finalist for the prestigious international competition, Wildlife Artist of the Year, organised by the David Shepherd Foundation.

An exquisite and intricate painting of an animal of intense beauty. The artist has created a magnificent and timeless piece of art.

The Judges, Wildlife Artist of the Year 2022  for “Warthog”  (Highly Commended).

You can see my full CV here.

Steve Nayar in his busy painting studio surrounded by finished canvases and tools of the trade

I strive to portray the energy and spirit of endangered animals.

Completing each painting can take up to a month. During the preparatory stage, I extensively utilise various reference images, selecting, adding, and modifying elements before even touching a paintbrush. To address environmental concerns, I opt for water-mixable oil paints, thus eliminating potentially harmful solvents from my practice. However, these oil paints still demand careful application and technical expertise. Multiple layers of paint are necessary to achieve the depth and intensity I seek, and meticulously applying each strand of fur is a painstaking yet essential procedure. The way I paint the eyes is important as they can bring a painting to life, allowing the animal to engage directly with its audience.

My rationale is twofold. Firstly, I am passionate about preserving the biosphere, using my work to raise awareness about endangered species and the urgent need for their protection as we strive to maintain the delicate balance of interconnected nature. Secondly, through the sales of my paintings, I contribute to the invaluable efforts of animal conservation organisations worldwide.

I am proud to have been able to support the following charities through my work: