Born in 1954 in Leek, England.
Resides and works in Totnes, England.


1974Art FoundationDerby College of Art AllestreeUK1974-78Cert.Ed, B.Ed (Art)Trent PolytechnicCliftonUK


1978-2005Award-winning Art Director/Creative Director in Design and AdvertisingUK

Solo Exhibitions:

2006“London Squares”Changing Room GalleryLondon, WalthamstowUK2006Open StudiosChanging Room GalleryLondon, WalthamstowUK2007Open StudiosChanging Room GalleryLondon, WalthamstowUK2015Totnes and Dartington Open StudiosOld Barn StudioTigleyUK2016“Windows of the Soul”Birdwood HouseTotnesUK2016Totnes and Dartington Open StudiosThe Seven Stars HotelTotnesUK2016“A Brush with Life”Harbour HouseKingswoodUK2017Totnes and Dartington Open StudiosOld Lion BreweryTotnesUK2017“Endangered”Birdwood HouseTotnesUK2018Totnes and Dartington Open StudiosOld Lion BreweryTotnesUK2019“WWF Earth Hour Concert”St. Saviour’s ChurchPimlico, LondonUK2022Totnes and Dartington Open StudiosAlliance House StudioTotnesUK2023Totnes and Dartington Open StudiosCistern StreetTotnesUK

Group Exhibitions:

2006Artists' Group ShowChanging Room GalleryLondon, WalthamstowUK2007Artists' Group ShowChanging Room GalleryLondon, WalthamstowUK2008“Tricolore”Nolia’s GalleryLondon, IslingtonUK2015TDOS Group ShowBirdwood HouseTotnesUK2015“Devon: A Contemporary View”Harbour HouseKingswoodUK2015“Green”Harbour HouseKingswoodUK2016TDOS Group ShowBirdwood HouseTotnesUK2017FRESH Art FairThe RacecourseCheltenhamUK2017TDOS Group ShowBirdwood HouseTotnesUK2017DSWF Wildlife Artist of the YearThe Mall Gallery LondonUK2018TDOS Group ShowBirdwood HouseTotnesUK2018FRESH Art FairThe RacecourseCheltenhamUK2018DSWF Wildlife Artist of the YearThe Mall GalleryLondonUK2019TDOS Group ShowBirdwood HouseTotnesUK2019FRESH Art FairThe RacecourseCheltenhamUK2019DSWF Wildlife Artist of the YearThe Mall GalleryLondonUK2019FRESH Art FairAscot RacecourseAscotUK2019“Wildlife" Open Art ExhibitionHarbour HouseKingswoodUK2020RSMA Annual ExhibitionThe Mall GalleryLondonUK2020DSWF Wildlife Artist of the YearOnlineLondonUK2021TDOS Group ShowBirdwood HouseTotnesUK2021FRESH Art FairThe RacecourseCheltenhamUK2021DSWF Wildlife Artist of the YearOnlineLondonUK2022TDOS Group ShowBirdwood HouseTotnesUK2022FRESH Art FairThe RacecourseCheltenhamUK2022DSWF Wildlife Artist of the YearThe Mall GalleryLondonUK2023TDOS Group ShowBirdwood HouseTotnesUK2023FRESH Art FairThe RacecourseCheltenhamUK2023DSWF Wildlife Artist of the YearThe Mall GalleryLondonUK


Steve Nayar’s art is collected by various private individuals in Mauritius, Sweden, UK and USA.


2017DSWF Wildlife Artist of the Year (Finalist)The Mall GalleryLondonUK2018DSWF Wildlife Artist of the Year (Finalist)The Mall GalleryLondonUK2019DSWF Wildlife Artist of the Year (Finalist)The Mall GalleryLondonUK2020DSWF Wildlife Artist of the Year (Finalist)OnlineLondonUK2021DSWF Wildlife Artist of the Year (Finalist)The Mall GalleryLondonUK2022DSWF Wildlife Artist of the Year (Finalist)The Mall GalleryLondonUK2023DSWF Wildlife Artist of the Year (Finalist, Highly Commended)The Mall GalleryLondonUK


2017-23 (Annually) DSWF Wildlife Artist of the Year Exhibition Catalogues

Verity Hesketh, “Wildlife Artist, Steve Nayar”, Devon Life Magazine, pp.158-160, Oct.2018

Soundart Radio Interview:

The Full Totnes Breakfast Show:

Peter Shearn, “We Talk to Steve Nayar”, The Totnes Pulse, front cover, May.2024:

Professional Contributions:

2018Artspace Mauritius, Art Workshop.Mauritius2018-23Chair, Totnes and Dartington Open Studios. Totnes.UK2019Artspace Mauritius, Art Workshop.Mauritius2021Artspace Mauritius, Art Workshop.Mauritius2022Artspace Mauritius, Art Workshop.Mauritius2022Samudra Art Prize, Judge.Mauritius2022Lecture, “Raising awareness of wildlife through art” Caudan Arts Centre, Port Louis.Mauritius2024West Dean College short-course tutor. Chichester.UK2024Samudra Art Prize, Judge.Mauritius

Represented By:

Coombe Gallery, 20 Foss Street, Dartmouth, Devon. TQ6 9DR.
+44 (0)1803 835 820 / +44 (0) 7890 314 715

I am proud to have been able to support the following charities through my work: